Grade R - 7 2024

FEE STRUCTURE 2024 - Annual School Fees 2024

Grade R - 7 R19,650.00 per annum

All fees are due and payable in advance by the 31 January 2024.

The school will raise an invoice for the annual school fee on 1st January 2024. The SGB has granted
deferred payments over 11 months starting 01 February and ending 01 December of equal monthly
instalments of R 1,786.00.

The Grade R and Grade 1 deposit of R800.00 will reflect as an advance payment on the January
2024 statement and therefore the re-calculated equal monthly instalments over 11 months starting 01
February and ending 01 December of equal monthly installments will be R 1,714.00.

The preferred payment method is via Debit order, please ensure that you complete the debit order
document and return to the fees office by 20 January 2024.

The above school fees exclude programmes and activities that are not part of the defined school
programme such as excursions, voluntary tours and camps as well as uniforms, sports clothing,
personal stationery and equipment and certain textbooks not supplied by the Department of

All outstanding fees will be collected in strict accordance with Section 41 of SASA

Early Settlement Discounts

Grade R - Grade 7

Grade 2 – 7
A discount of R 1,965.00 where the payment is made by no later than 28 February 2024 – The
amount payable will be R 17,685.00.

Grade R - 1
A discount of R 1,965.00 where the payment is made by no later than 28 February 2024 – The
amount payable will be R 16,885.00

Lumpsum payments will be accepted should you wish to reduce the monthly instalment. The
lumpsum payment must be received by 28 February 2024. The equal monthly instalment will be recalculated based on the lumpsum amount.

Aftercare Fees 2024

Grade R - 2 R 9,000.00 per annum/ R 819 per month for 11 months (R 2,250.00 per term)

Grade 3 - 7 R 8,495.00 per annum/ R 773 per month for 11 months (R 2,124.00 per term)

Aftercare fees are billed termly in advance and will require terms notice for cancellation thereof.

Music Fees (only in-house music lessons)

1 Individual lessons per week     R 1, 393.00 per term
2 Individual lessons per week     R 2, 315.00 per term
Group Lessons                               R 693.00 per term
Instrument Hire                             R 330.00 per term

Please note the following:

Learner Admission Process For 2025

Applications for Gr R and 2 – 7 open 1 August 2024 and close 16 August 2024
Applications for Gr 1 open 11 March 2024 and close 12 April 2024
Download links:
Admission Procedure for Grade R, 2 - 7
Admission Procedure for Grade 1
1. Applicants need to register and log onto the WCED website and complete an online
2. Apply to at least 3 schools (Including the ones closest to your home)
3. Indicate your order of preference on the system

Parents | Guardians MUST upload the following supporting documents:

The last official school Report Card | Results of the learner, for learners who have
been to school.
ID | Birth certificate | passport of the learner; OR
A study permit (foreign learners); OR
Proof of application (study permit) or a police affidavit
Immunisation card (Road to Health Chart) [Primary Schools Only]
Proof of Address (Rates account / lease agreement or Telkom Account)
Contact the local WCED district office for advice

Additional Documentation required below which must be emailed to
Proof of WCED Online Application
Certified copies of the Identity Documents of both parents/guardians
Proof of address (Rates account / lease agreement or Telkom Account)
Proof of employment, as we are a fee paying school

Don’t block places at schools

1. Parents | Guardians MUST confirm (or decline) your child’s school for 2024 as
2. WCED Online - Track Applications; or
3. Hand in a letter | send an e-mail to the school to confirm.

Banking Details:
Name of bank: Standard Bank
Account number : 271190965
Branch name and code: Pinelands : 036309
Payment Reference: Your School Account Number
(Please ensure that you use the correct reference number to ensure that the payment is
allocated correctly to your school account)